About Hunter and Uro

We are a small firm of friendly, approachable solicitors that specialise exclusively in family law, serving clients in and around the City of London and Bedford.

Our lawyers provide the best possible, practical legal advice for all issues relating to your relationship difficulties, including separation, divorce, children matters and your family finances. Specifically, our solicitors have expertise in protecting wealth and assets, ensuring you secure your fair share and bringing about an outcome in your case to allow you to move on.

We are family lawyers with experience in working with entrepreneurs, bankers, professionals and business owners in the local area. We believe clients can be confident in our ability to provide an efficient, bespoke service. We recognise that each client’s case is unique and so our solicitors provide tailored solutions to help them.

All of the Hunter and Uro solicitors are members of Resolution and comply with their Code of Practice when conducting their work. In part, this means the lawyers working on your case will seek to deal with matters in a non-confrontational or adversarial way. We believe that this is the best way to deal with family law matters and helps clients achieve the best possible outcome for them.

Simply put, we offer an exceptional service that delivers results. If you’re looking for family law solicitors in Bedford or Central London then get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to talk you about your case.

You can contact our specialist team of family solicitors by clicking here.

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