Mumsnet – changing a name through regret or necessity

It was recently reported that nearly a fifth of parents regret the name given to their children, following an online survey from Mumsnet. Almost a third of the parents that responded to the survey, noted their regret occurred within the first six weeks of the child’s birth, whilst  a quarter of parents said their regret manifested when the children started nursery or school.

Of course, a change of name is a significant step for any parent to take. Despite the significant regret addressed in the Mumsnet survey, only 9% of parents in the Mumsnet survey stated that they have thought about changing their child’s name. In any event, only 2% of those surveyed by Mumsnet had confirmed that they had eventually changed their child’s name.

Hunter & Uro partner, Philip Hunter, recently wrote a short blog on the steps that parents have to consider when changing a child’s name. In considering the Mumsnet survey, Philip said, “It is telling that, whilst there is clearly some regret on the part of parents, so few go on to change their children’s names, when they have become unhappy with their original choice. We must remember that for some families, changing a name – particularly a surname, reflects many families’ needs. This may be to form part of a new family unit following separation or divorce, as a result of disputed paternity or a reflection of domestic violence issues. It is important not to trivialise the challenges such families go through and the difficulties they face in making, what are for many, very necessary changes.”

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