Brangelina “lawyer up” for divorce proceedings

Only by living in a cave will you have missed the news that Hollywood power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – perhaps better known universally as Brangelina – are to divorce. For many people, these uber-celebrities are individuals they are familiar with through gossip columns and social media, reading about their lives on an almost daily basis in magazine, and yet the lives Brangelina lead appear so far removed from our own.

We must remember, at the heart of this matter are issues affecting all relationship breakdowns. Issues over alleged infidelity, the behaviour of your spouse, with whom the children will live, what contact they will have with the non-resident parent and how the finances are to be addressed are all key questions that follow any marital breakdown.

As details of the end of the marriage begin to emerge, it appears that Angelina Jolie ended the Brangelina relationship on Thursday 15th, before speaking with a lawyer and filing for divorce by Monday morning. It might be naïve to think that part of this strategy wasn’t a Hollywood power play, but it was noteworthy that Angelina Jolie sought legal advice from the outset to help realise this strategy. By issuing divorce proceedings swiftly, she has retained an element of control of divorce proceedings and the manner in which they develop.

Hunter and Uro partner, Pui Uro commented, “Whilst it sad to consider that any marriage is over, quite rightly the attention has been focused on putting the children first and considering their best interests. It would be almost inconceivable to consider that two well established celebrities will not have entered into this short, two year marriage, without some pre-marital agreement protection. Although the couple are understood to be worth in the region of $300 million between them, the finances are likely to take a backseat in the short term to ensuring that suitable arrangements are made for their six children.”

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