Divorce Hotel – get away to get divorced.

There has been a great deal of thought and consideration given to how separating couples can divorce with as little acrimony, conflict and expense possible. The latest in a long line of ideas is the divorce hotel. Substantial media coverage has been given to this innovative Dutch approach, which promises “…divorcing in a positive way…in a relaxed environment and with all kinds of comforts and facilities at your disposal…”.

Leading family law solicitor Philip Hunter comments, “Whilst it is of course tempting to simply scoff at the suggestion that a divorce hotel is the right way to deal with divorce proceedings, the premise offers some useful tools to couples – trained mediators and an array of independent professionals, including accountants and brokers, may assist parties in an open dialogue, away from the family home, children and stresses of day to day living. For many people, that could well be seen as an advantageous arena to consider their marriage breakdown”

“There are of course some other overriding concerns. It is difficult to know whether the subject of divorce and surrounding issues, e.g. the children and family finances, can be treated with the solemnity and reverence they deserve when “dressed up” in the format of a City break at a divorce hotel. It is also particularly concerning to consider the issue of client confidentiality in sharing a large space with others aware of your reason for the visit, together with the possibility of separating couples discussing their relationships at the venue and generating a somewhat “toxic” environment for all.”

“Ultimately, it would be foolish of me to suggest it won’t work for some people, it appears to have been a success in America. What is clear to me, and what I always tell clients, is that there is no one, single approach that is right for everybody. Following the breakdown of a relationship, clients need a period of self-reflection and consideration on what they want to achieve during the course of their separation and divorce. In my opinion, a good solicitor will guide a client on their options and listen to what they are looking to achieve, before helping them along that path. For some, this will be open dialogue at home, perhaps with the help of private mediation along the way, for others court proceedings will always be necessary – for  a small group of people, perhaps a divorce hotel is the answer.”

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