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Divorce Week – A Myth?

Traditionally, the busiest time of year for family practitioners is the first week of January where new enquiries will rise significantly, coining this week as “Divorce Week”. This may be down to the stress and pressures accompanied with Christmas and perhaps extended family members visiting for prolonged periods of time. Some marriages may already feel the strain of the relationship well before the festivities but are keen to avoid starting the process before Christmas, particularly if there are children in the family.

Although the term ‘Divorce Week’ has historically stirred media attention, the statistics issued by the Ministry of Justice show that between January and March 2016 a total of 29,029 divorce cases were started compared to 29,485 between October to December 2015 (the highest number of divorce petitions in 2015).

In 2014, the highest number of divorces were issued between July to September at 29,153. In fact, none of the statistics indicate that the first quarter of the year consistently receives the most number of divorce petitions. Despite the spotlight January receives for Divorce, it seems that Divorce Week is indeed a myth.

On 30 November 2016 over 150 family lawyers including our Philip Hunter and Pui Uro lobbied Members of Parliament with Resolution for ‘Good Divorce Week’ on 29 November to push for changes to family law and specifically, for no-fault divorce. You can read about our lobby day here.

Over the course of the traditional Divorce Week, we will be blogging on each of the five facts for divorce to shed light on the options available for those seeking a divorce. However, it is important to remember that there are always alternatives to divorce and these should be carefully discussed with your lawyer.

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