Jail for mother guilt of contempt after posting family court case details on Facebook

Sara Root, a 54-year-old mother, has been jailed for contempt following at a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London, after posting details relating to care proceedings in the family court on Facebook.

Ms Root believes her children were unfairly taken from her and has taken steps to publish information about the children in breach of earlier court orders.

The court was alerted to Ms Root’s social media postings by Medway Council’s social services department. Ms Root had previously been punished for breaching orders limiting the publication of information about family court proceedings involving her children. This initial contempt occurred in August 2017 and saw Judge Richard Polden hand Ms Root a suspended jail term.

Subsequently, in May 2018, Mrs Justice Theis ruled that Ms Root had again published information on Facebook and handed her another suspended six-month prison sentence for contempt.

Mrs Justice Theis said on Wednesday that Ms Root thought she was the victim of injustice and had mounted a campaign. The judge said the mother continued to breach orders and that there was every likelihood that she would continue to do so.

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