One of the main concerns for a family going through divorce or separation is how they will manage financially. At Hunter & Uro our solicitors believe that it is never too early to obtain specialist family advice on your position, particularly with divorce finances.

We provide expert advice on the law governing matrimonial finances, dealing with your income, pension provision, savings, property and business interests. We specialise in complex national and international assets and trusts. Our clients are wide ranging and include Bedford and Northampton as well as City professionals, business owners, doctors, accountants, police officers, members of the armed forces and lawyers.

At Hunter & Uro, we are experienced in dealing with individuals with high value divorce cases, frequently involving asset protection by one party, e.g. family business interests, income yielding trusts, in addition to long term payment commitments, such as school fees or pensions.

We will always provide you with clear and concise advice to secure the best outcome for you and your family.

If we can help support you with your divorce finances, please Contact us to speak to one of our Bedford
or London solicitors about divorce finances now.