Separation and Divorce

If your marriage is in difficulty you may be contemplating divorce, or your spouse may have already issued court proceedings and you don’t know where to turn. If you need a divorce solicitor in Bedford or central London, our specialist family lawyers can help you.

Divorce is seen as a heavily administrative process, which involves submitting the correct paperwork to the Court at the right time. This can be intimidating and challenging during such an emotional period. Hunter & Uro Solicitors believe it is imperative that you receive the best level of care during this difficult time.

Divorcing may see your legal status change and impact on your personal affairs – for example: tax, benefits entitlement, will and testamentary provision.

If you feel that divorce is not an option for you at this time, perhaps due to your religious beliefs or other reasons, our solicitors can assist in obtaining a Decree of Judicial Separation. Contact us to discuss this further.

Hunter & Uro Solicitors are specialist family lawyers and serve clients in London and Bedford. Our solicitors are able to assist with guiding clients through the entire divorce process. From drafting the petition to obtaining the final court orders, including discussions about the best way to evidence the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage to the court and dealing with an evasive or absent spouse, we’ll support you through these processes.

Our lawyers will also help you with any issues associated with your divorce, including matters relating to your children or family finances. The solicitors at Hunter & Uro will coordinate your divorce to fit the circumstances surrounding your family life, to ensure that any adverse impact from proceedings are minimised.

If you require a divorce solicitor in London or Bedford or surrounding areas, get in touch with our team.