Separation Agreement

When a couple separates, either through divorce or cohabitation, a separation agreement can be entered into to set out the various arrangements the parties have agreed. These are usually financial arrangements but can include the children and family arrangements or how the divorce should be managed later down the line.

Separation agreements are contracts that set out arrangements for your finances (and arrangements for your children if you wish) but without the involvement of the court. These can only be entered into by the agreement and active involvement of both parties. There are very clear cases historically, that have set out criteria for drafting separation agreements to ensure that they are as legally persuasive as possible.

Separation agreements are used when couples wish to keep the door open to reconciliation, with both parties able to concentrate on rebuilding their relationship, without the stress and difficulty caused by financial disputes. It may also be used following a marriage breakdown, when the parties are not ready to commit to starting the divorce process, but wish to crystallise any agreements on the finances of the marriage and how they are to be divided.

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