Getting separated? How family law will affect you.

When getting separated from your other half, the first issue is to consider what areas of family law affect you. This is often based broadly on whether or not you are married. The law treats married couples very differently from unmarried couples. Many clients in long term relationships seek to rely on principles of “common law “, which are not formally supported by legislation.

Married couples will consider divorce, legal separation or annulling the marriage. The avenues available to them to resolve their respective finances will be much broader, under section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973.

Unmarried couples will consider the law around cohabitation and how it affects them. Cohabitation is a complex area of law. Often, we find that clients have misconceptions about how they share a property with an ex-partner and how any financial contributions they have made to the property should be considered.

In issues relating to children, the law makes no distinction between parents that are married or not. Although it is important to ensure that you have “parental responsibility” before considering any contested proceedings.

Our Blog page provides many informative articles that we hope will begin to help in pointing you in the right direction, if you are considering getting separated. However, this should never be considered as a replacement for tailored, expert advice. It is important that you obtain clear guidance on all the options open to you in your own, personal circumstances.

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